Every Part of You can be Loved Back to Health

Every Part of You Can Be Loved Back to Health, this is the compassion of Iyengar. - Father Joe Pereira

Father Joe Pereira is a priest and practitioner of Iyengar’s yoga. Someone I have been interested in for years but opportunity had not complied. God finally brought us together for two days at United Yoga Montreal.

Being a priest he has a dharma he see through in working with the affliction, namely addiction and it’s by-products. Our first day in the room with him we had a practice which focused on HIV. 

We dove in. And the further the practice went the deeper he brought us into a concept. His abiding faith in Iyengar and God were and are his definitions to and for reformation. If there is no cure, then there is recovery. But this recovery is only so available to us as we are to the pain it takes to move past it. 

Day two we worked with mental illness, where and how the different afflictions lodge in the spine and corrode the mind. 

Father Joe confirmed what I have come to believe within my own practice, that within yoga is the power of conversion, but with great power to heal is great opportunity to harm so our practice must be brought from Rajastic tendencies to Sattvic principals. 

He spoke of Iyengar with such love and admiration I could not help but be filled with the same sentiment at my small memories of his presence and the enormity of his gift that is my practice and life. 

I personally have a story of recovery, one recovery is thousands of fragments to be put back together. I am proof of the power that is Iyengar’s Yoga and the ability to heal. To give attention to the pain is to give love to a loss and from this springs an unending bounty of possibilities for the present. 

Kara Thorsen