Dismount with Dignity

I went to Cirque de Soliel a few weeks back. 

Each time I leave a Cirque show, I am throughly moved . It is a true human triumph and Alegria did not disappoint. 

The show had poignant moments between the clowns exploring our need for companionship. Also cultural references to various tactics of ruling and living. But the most impressive and provoking moment of the show, for me, was the last act. 

Building the sets are part of the show and this act was rigging a platform for areal work. Once the set up was finished the performers starting climbing, one after another. I did not get a head count but my guess is in the vicinity of 20.  

The spectacle was nothing short of perfection, every second used with a ferocious adherence to that second. Time management is critical and the artists execution of this is never lost on any spectator. 

As the act ended, each artist took a dismount, those dismounts an exemplary tribute to the show, to the relationship, to the art and the spectators. 

The thought that passed through me was that it has nothing to do with how we begin something but instead how we cultivate the duration and especially , if we decide it does not work, how we dismount. Our dismount is an exposition of everything about us. The dismount reveals how we Meet the Resistance. The dismount is the application of what we have learned. It’s a gauge on how close or how far we are from our state of Equanimity. 

How do you dismount? 

Kara Thorsen