What's behind Get Kraken

It was brought to my attention today that context might be missing for my analogy of The Kraken concept. 

Get Kraken came to me the same as Meet the Resistance, in my practice. Through the physical outlet of practice, various mental observations come to light. Being an autodidact my main ability to learn and transmit, is with the use of analogy and metaphor.

My interest of octopus came through nature documentaries. 

The concept can be told in 3 parts.

1)Through the learning about octopus and their deductive abilities. I am siting 3 of my favourite virtues but there are many more. 

- Octopus have zero ego in solving problems, if they do not have success with the first attempt they make a different attempt. 

They are problem solvers- This is BKS Iyengar’s philosophy, our entire practice embodies finding a solution and leaving the ego out of it. 

- Octopus have their brain or nervous system all over their body, their consciousness and awareness are in complete balance - Our practice develops this keen discernment of stretching our field of awareness to me our field of consciousness. 

- Octopus have only one segment of hard tissue, their mouths, which if they can fit through an opening, they know they can escape.- Our practice allows us to take our constitutions to their greatest potential. 

-Octopus have 8 limbs and as we know Yoga is an 8 limbed subject.  


Beyond these analogies, in my twenties I was given the nickname of The Kraken as my temper was long to arrive but swift to destroy and if you do not know the legend of the mythical beast this link can help you better understand. 


Kraken is simply Octopus is the German language and afforded me world play that seemed to fall in line with the fluidity of this magnificent creature and our ability to learn by its deductions. 

In English we say “get crackin” or “keep crakin” or “crack on” if we there is a task that requires our braun and brains. 

So this is the birth of Get Kraken where we acquire an optopial sense of skill in action. 

So I hope that this clarifies for those who had questions about it. Who knows what comes next I will keep Kraken and see what comes. 

Please join us for the Get Kraken series where we Meet the Resistance with Equanimity. 


Kara Thorsen