Gu- Ru; Darkness dispelled to Light

Yetzer  Ha-Tov yezter Ha-Ra is a Jewish doctrine in which much is similar to our chapter 2 sutras siting the interdependence of light and dark. As well as the point in life this responsibility arrives.

To example, in yezter ha-tov, yetzer ha-ra  confidence would morph into dominance or conceit. Independent spirit would twist into emotional distance or selfishness. Calm reserve becomes cold withdrawal. Energy and passion turn into harsh attacks. Admiration becomes possessiveness. 

Or even more basic- food=gluttony, money=greed, love =lust 

In our sutras, we learn that pleasure leads to attachment which brings sorrow as we desire to feed that pleasure or keep it for ourselves. The mind reflects on a happy moment attaching that feeling to the moment. Covetousness begins to grow leading to behavior which stimulated by fear includes lying and stealing to remain in a dominant position of that which is desired. Very basic wisdom in both cases.

How do we combat such a genuine assault? There is a saying that love is blind. To my mind, this is more a justification for poor choices and denial. That we blame love, actually proves my case. Love is not blind, nor is it possessive or dishonoring. Love does not demand of us to lose our dignity nor take others dignity away from them. This is our fear of losing that which we assume to love, that determines these decisions. These decisions are all our own making which means only we can remedy them. 

Sukha and Dukha (pain and remedy) are one in the same. Our solutions are within our problems. Circumstances bring us to places where we must get creative to adjust. It's in this moment we can discover who we are when all else has been dissolved. All excuses are given and all resources exhausted. 

This moment is the gift of true knowledge and we decide whether to take it and apply it to our lives to be something different. 

There are exceptional people in the world who prove this theory each day that we never learn of, tragically we accept the exact opposite as examples to gain our footing so the poise to attack is ever present. 

So as yetzer ha-tov yetzer ha-ra and our chapter 2 sutras council, take the pause, read your fine print, watch your behavior, be wary of the obvious distraction, we strip ourselves of power when we need not. Being what we want is the best way to recieve it.




Kara Thorsen