The Battlefield where we use Conflict to Create

Jessica proved an exemplary illustration of what a teacher is and gave each of us an aspiration of what a Sadhaka can be.  Jessica's manner is warm and exposed, her language clear with action graced, explicit instruction and demonstration.

She reminded us of the history of yoga that in fact, yoga was an act of rebellion. 

She used this history to shed light on a philosophy for investigation within our own bodies. Evoking the levels we need understand in order to learn. First, being to find. We must find the places of avoidance, then we can address them and only then can we learn from them to discover ourselves, including our protests and what rebellion(s) we choose. Exploring our process of decision making. Jessica shied away from nothing while also, imposing nothing and we did simply because she ensured it possible. 

Jessica made it our job to protest complacency, seek the rebellion and persuade the acts of complacency to become a rebel and create a sound posture for a new atmosphere of standing up for what matters. 

Kara Thorsen