Using Chaos as the Ladder

Nobody succeeds by taking the safe road- Dr. James D. Watson- a joint founder of DNA

The chaos theory is most known and defined as; “A butterfly flaps its wings in Thailand which precedes a tornado in Kansas.” 

This can seem far-fetched, as what does one have on the effect of the other. But if considered without personal prejudice or experience of science and/or mathematics, it seems rational that all dynamic systems are linked to conditions that apply in movement. 

Yoga is for me, a perfect example of the chaos theory. The goal being to calm the cessations of the mind. The mind and its cessations are vague and not yet completely understood or represented. Yoga uses the body enabling us to track through one system concluding the result of another. Much like the Goldberg machines playing with cause and effect. 

Yoga at its base is a scientific experiment. The body becomes the laboratory for the discovery of the mind and exploration of the soul. If I was unaware of the 8 limbs of Yoga and how they work within, I would discover them through my practice as it has a sure beginning, that if followed, is an exposition of logical progression. Fortunately, Patanjali laid the map out for us and that map uses chaos as the ladder.

Almost everything in this world is easier said than done and done less frequently than said. But if we look at the chaos theory we can see there is ample time between the flap of wings and the tornado to change our course. So start where you are, discover what you are capable of. 

Enjoy your practice!


Kara Thorsen