Expanding on a Word

“We can reach the infinite, but we must do so with the finite means at our disposal”- A Tree of Yoga, BKS Iyengar

As a practitioner of yoga, intrigue is forever present. It can be a thought a movement a discovered pattern, the intrigue is a constant flux in whats displayed but there is always something that gains my attention. That discovery remains in my person as a practitioner. That discovery is my strive to ignite the fires in those who come, in turn, to study with me. 

Yoga is a vast subject to transmit. The complexity of the subject grows as the complexity of the asana grows, they are in conjunction with one another. Where we enter with one idea but find no truth is without motion. As that truth is revealed in its entirety, time is the layering of how we better determine what exactly it is and how it applies to whatever situation we are in. Which is why the practice is progressive and our learning is only ever at a beginning stage. The intricacies of Tadasana are never so relevant or complex until the further range of asana come to define it. 

The truth is the infinite and our modest means, our personal self, to acquire it, are the finite. Exploring every crevice of those finite means and challenging every opinion we might carry is paramount to our self-cultivation. 

Asana is our physical means to explore the storage unit of our body to find what and why we believe as we do. Then objectify it the best possible. 

I am in that moment of struggle where I see what the practitioners need to gain a further footing to launch them to the next level, yet the need is not fully recognized. 

Much like raising children we need to say our peace without assuming we have all the answers. We must trust that our example has leaked the intrigue to permit the reflections in them, so their path can be created and come to fruition from their own desire to learn, discover and cultivate themselves. 

And so I continue with the finite means as my disposal to find the infinite of all possibility. Happy practice!

Kara Thorsen