The Forks in the Road, Give Rest to Take Stock


We all take risks in life and we are only as courageous as those we compare ourselves to. 

Yoga pry’s open the mind from its most vigilant resistance. If we are practicing as Patanjali has exposed then there is no other process to take place. Its as if the entire being comes to a cooperative enterprise to vanquish the impurities. 

It's no band-aid solution, yoga, its a crash burn, get shaved and paraded naked through the streets for all to judge on its course, make it to the finish line, then see you who you are, because you are no longer what you were. 

Everything is in the process of evolution it's the imminent action of tidal friction that requires change because nature has insisted something needs to work differently. 

Fair enough. 

We can resist by personalizing those changes or we can meet them platonically allowing them to be an opportunity. By not looking at them as a process of defeat or victory we posture ourselves to observe why they have come to be and quite possibly what that truly means. We can not go back we can only move forward and that requires some real ponderance without vanity.

The breath has 4 parts in a cycle; inhale, pause, exhale, pause. Its the bodies self-regulation. The bodies moment to choose what comes next. I studied with a teacher who said,”We go into asana on an exhale because we give it all”. What comes next is irrelevant, if this is my last exhalation I only want to know I have completed my tasks, that I have left no gaps unbridged, that I managed my part as best I could and that what I leave behind me is able to do the same.

The world is a quizzical abode, assaulting us with a stimulus that can appear contradictory of comforting and espouse a strong response. But like the breath, in that pause of transitioning inhale to exhale and back again is our power to become. To experience our deepest wants by facing our deepest fears which often are the width of an eyelash in distance. "If you are afraid, don't do it. If you are doing it, don't be afraid"- Genghis Khan

Happy practice, get to the good stuff

Kara Thorsen