We Get Somewhere Together

The end of 2017 was many different emotions coming at me. The actual New Year, an event I struggled to keep myself together for. By the grace of God or whatever saving term you refer to, I was in the company of friends I define as the family who, knowingly or un, guided me through. 

Much like Martin Luther King, I have a dream. That dream may seem like a long shot but isn’t everything? Isn’t it a long shot that we are where we are and do what we do? Life is a long shot and we find ourselves in circumstances we might never have considered possible never mind plausible, yet here we are. 

My dream has multiple parts each determined by the quantifications of every individual so imagine what long shot it is as human relations can oft be like herding cats. Yet here I am knowing that my dream, however vast, is possible because the evidence is all around me that the train is being boarded. 

My dream is that Yoga Équanimité becomes that free-form space that brings all walks of life together without definitions. We are a label society, which is neither here nor there, things need to be categorized and classified so definitions are not bad in and of themselves but those definitions defining us is another story. 

Walking the streets for different people means different things with different persecutions and fears. So what if we had a safe space where the only definition is; practitioner. You enter as a practitioner and you become a sadhaka- seeker. Our personal prejudices evaporate for a moment a real freedom to simply be in a space and inquire. 

My dream includes each of you and so I understand that it requires my ability to ask for your help. This post is a long-winded way of doing just that. If you are a trans person, queer person, a person of ethnic background, injured person, person with size or without size, if you are lonely, if you are happy, if you are anything I have not mentioned then more than likely it will be found that we are all the same and we all are looking for that space where we can lift the weight of the labels to find our new definition and I welcome with open arms the opportunity to work with you and find common ground. 

Come practice with us and help Yoga Équanimité rise to the occasion I see the world is ready to celebrate.

Kara Thorsen