Life brings us places we might never have guessed we would go. 

I began my yogic life in 1992 when I took a free Sunday yoga class.  If I knew then where that class would send me off too, well, then I guess the journey wouldn’t have mattered and in Yoga its the journey that matters. We arrive someplace by consequence of the choices we made. 

In 1995 I took my first Iyengar Yoga class, I was reluctant to embark on this road, thinking that it might be too insular for me. Upon finishing that class, probably within the first 5 minutes of that class, I knew there was nothing else I wanted to do in my life but this. From there my fire ignited. It was long and as treacherous as anyone else’s journey to their dreams. But eventually it brought me to Montreal where I studied with Marie Andree Morin for 11 years. She prepared me for my first two exams, brought me through my pregnancy, asked me to be the first English speaking teacher at the Centre and under her tutelage I opened The Little Yoga Room in 2008. 

Transformation is the name of our yogic game. Our practice and life is in a constant state of flux due to life being alive. Even when that transformation seems to be deafening with defeat we must remember the choices we made to be delivered to the place we are and decide again if we want to continue or take the other side of the fork in the road.I usually take my time at the forks in the road. Observe and reflect upon what I observe so that the action I take can be taken with equanimity, or at least approached with this tone. 

I moved away from the community in 2013 taking a slogan of my fathers’ “ You are too far in the forrest to see the trees”. This pause was to reevaluate myself and divine what I might be to personally attached to and how I needed to discriminate my emotions from the reality. We have pause between the inhalation and the exhalation, that pause is called Kumbhaka. My edification was to be determined in the state of Kumbhaka.

I continued to teach and practice and suffer and smile. Just as we all do. In time the choices were made and The Little Yoga Room was transported to a new space. It is into this new space that together we breathe anew. And it is in this space I find we have become a new face of our practice and philosophy. So it is with the greatest humility and honour I offer to you and welcome you too our new movement Yoga Equanimite.

Danny GirouxComment