Keep the Goal, change the Strategy

I always wonder if politics will show up in our essays. I have been told more than once I am a Trumper. I am accused of this because as I do believe the system needs to be broken verses followed blindly. 

I do believe that woman who suffer greatly at the hand of a mans environment, in projects and extreme poverty conditions need someone to have their back. The system was not doing that. So whether I was emotionally involved with what I want the leader of our country to look and act like, I care more that a change for the better is being made. And I do believe this is our wake up call and here is the moment for us to show our quality as human beings.

I am neither here nor there with Trump himself nor the policies that create such uproar because we need uproar, we need people to defend their neighbours or against them as the case maybe. We are far to uninformed to take staunch positions right now. Its time to get intimate, with ourselves and those we love. Make sure that communication is clear so we know where we stand and we stand together. I long ago assessed those who shout the loudest never really follow through and you’ll be left hanging in a far worse position by joining a rally then watching it. 

I don’t have any idea of what will happen with our president nor our nation there are many plausible directions that could evolve. I think some of the major things people forget to recognize about the USA is that we have a perverse poverty, we have a conditioned response to media, we have a standard appeal to all that confronts us and we are manipulated beyond anything one could presume and that manipulation has infiltrated the world. The divide grows because we want to be right, not because we are. And while we fight amongst ourselves about who is American and what makes it great, or how much we hate Trump, his policies and everything that group stands for, we are not really paying attention to the fact that dust needs to settle before we know what we are up against. The wheel is in motion and there is no sense trying to stop it but we can watch it and wait for it to land. Ensuring our beliefs and our ability to stand by them and act in accordance to them.

In Yoga we have 8 limbs, to reach our final goal, which we may not ever get to but we continue the practice without hesitation. I continue to hold firm to those I will defend at all costs but I will not join an popular opinion and risk injury to those already in distress. 

I am for the people and sadly our system, no matter how much we hoped for changes, those changes did not come. But now they are here. We can band together with kindness showing verses saying what we stand. For myself I believe that both sides are polarizing because like a sociopath, they drive wedges between people and their ability to communicate. Therefore protecting their own lies, creating distrust, so that the outcome of a situation is within their control. Its not the time to pander, its the time stand in silence and meet the resistance, squarely and with equanimity.

Kara Thorsen