Transitioning for Transformation


In yoga a mindset is created. It may have been there all along, it may have readjusted or it may be entirely new due to your present situation and accommodating it. 

One thing for sure is that transitioning is transformation and it requires a mindset that has a YET included in the dialogue. 

We have a world around us with incredible endurance and fascinating courage to be the best possible we can be. To take the risks we need to, to meet the complexities life presents us and this is a gift. Without complexity we would have no reason to try and if we have no reason, then we don’t. 

Each transition is personal, very intimate to the one transforming. Lobsters, Orb Web Weaver spiders, preying mantids and snakes shed their skin to grow. Its a quiet, vulnerable process that puts them at the mercy of the world. 

People also transition. We are now seeing a world where gender even can be a mishap and the challenge to transform brings many vulnerabilities. Some people are reluctant to understand these changes creating barriers for those who choose to grow. The opposition can create difficulties in outside regions but they can also harm on deeper levels so that the courage of transitioning people is challenged and brings an insecurity to being in certain environments. 

If I can do anything in this world, let it be to bring grace in any given situation of growth. I would like to extend an invitation to transpeople to bring your transformation here to The Little Yoga Room, a safe solid space and community, that will welcome and grow with you. Lets learn as much as we can from and about one another so we can together understand our own complexities. 

Kara Thorsen