The Perfection of Imperfection

The world we have created has placed many demands upon us. A new ethical revolution and morality is at our doorstep. Me I love it. Its been a long time coming we needed to act responsibly for ourselves and those around us. 

Each day brings us closer to the things we aspire to be. I had a friend visiting for the weekend. An old friend from NYC. We were on the metro going to visit another friend in the village. On the train we saw two of the new gender fluid generation walk on. Gorgeous boys in high heels, walking proud and looking fabulously strong and present.

John, my friend asked, “When’s our stop”. I told him, when they get off, we do. Our stop’s happened to be the same, so when fortune smiles upon us do we deny the opportunity or do we accept the gift God has presented?  

We are not powerless in the face of diversity, we have more power than ever there, it depends on us. Do we take the diversity as a personal attack or do we see that diversity has human potential? Everything in life is a deal and observing the fine print is necessary as we evolve. 

There are changes all about us, climate, gender, economical, familial, moral/ethical, environmental. The changes, although, offering a discomfort, also afford us the opportunity to see who we are. Who we can be when confronted with obstacles. There’s no doubt I am fiercely devoted to the truth in adversary, that I choose my truth in the reaction of others to it. Once I take a stance I do know, that I am a force to be reckoned with and I do know what this has cost me, but likewise I know precisely what I have gained by abstaining. 

So with yoga as the barometer of my behaviour, I continue my practice and believe that this world, troubled as it, is still a beautiful place with amazing people coming to make new possibilities, where we discover our mindset on relationships in preparation for our future.

Kara Thorsen