Actions and Sensations


At The heart of every experience is surrender. We can give over and live it for whatever it is or we can fight it with the definitives of our past, justifying all our actions of present and obstructing a clear view of our future.

Its the Jewish new year and time of atonement. These are the holiest days of the year. The pragmatic days of Svadhyaya, our observations of ourselves. The moment when we can decide who we have been measure the successes and who we now want to be. 

There will more than likely be odds against us, whether they are emotional, physical or mental, those obstacles must be present for us to surrender too these obstacles provide our motivation to decide on our changes. Discomfort is always motivating.

The earth has had many hiccups in this past year, flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes. There was a threat of tornado here in Montreal. Varying sources can tell us everything that’s wrong and keep us looking in every direction verses focus on the issue at hand so we can put ourselves back together again. There are actions and there are sensations to those actions which cause us to choose how to feel and behave. 

I love this time of year as when I slow down to see what I did and what I want to do, I see mostly that I did the best I could, with what I had in the moment. I have no regrets about having given over to the experience I chose. And come what may, I will choose the same strategy moving forward to the things now calling me. 

Kara Thorsen