The Brand We are Creating

I read an article a few years back, discussing the trials masculinity and or manhood are facing. It was interesting and left me sympathetic to their position. After the Las Vegas shooting I was sent another article speaking of this same matter. I believe both writings are considering a divided gender and speak more to the disposition of Hetero males than not. 

We face as a whole, a moral dilemma on how we have been, how we are and how we will be treating people. Our morality too, seems to be in a moment of extreme duress. 

Through our mass shootings, negligence of aid to those in need, empires being torn apart from disproportionate power grappling, I’d say we have created a brand. A brand of despondence that has left us marked by an age in Crisis. 

I am American and love football but I have to say when the kneeling thing came about, I thought you know what? I get it, there are race problems, of this there is no doubt but we have gender issues that need to be respectfully addressed. There are NFL players that have been in dodgy situations and if I am to kneel to support colour equality, should they not stop raping the people they are asking to help them in their goal? No matter how sympathetic I am to the cause of suffering masculinity, I have grown a bit tired of male issues. 

How many countries around the world still treat a baby boy as if it’s the second coming and girl as if…. “too bad”. It seems a dignity issue and no-one is looking to preserve theirs.

This is in our psychologies, so deeply that I doubt we even comprehend how out sourced it is in the world. Therefore our judgement is tainted. We say things we don’t mean to gain results we want. We don’t mean what we say, leading to receiving the exact opposite of what we want. There is no winning until the crisis of what we created is remedied. 

I believe we are in a new transformation with a new and more appropriate morality coming to light. This morality holds no colour or gender because those issues do not apply if we are to make a world together. 

We struggle with our new brand, the same as woman suffered to vote, to arrive at the table to ask for equal pay and be denied or insulted, delivery babies then get back to work and increase the load by a thousand fold. We some how manage to keep our dignity in the most undignified situations. Men will have to struggle just the same to redefine themselves because they have strived to gain a external power, that cost them their internal value, rendering them powerless in many ways. Its quite a quagmire we find ourselves in for certain. Its safe to say we have a lot going on and need to be clear headed about any evaluation make to take action. 

So keep practicing and think onwards is the only way forwards then lets go shake it up.

Kara Thorsen