A Tribute to BKS; 101 Utkatasana's for his 100th Birthday

December 14 is the 100 Birthday of our beloved BKS Iyengar born December 14, 1918.
What better way to say thank you than to join together and expose the ferocity of this powerfully transformative discipline with the practice of Utkatasana 101 times.

It is my distinct pleasure to invite you to join in this act of tribute for our maestro. The inspiration behind choosing this pose was watching the results classes where bringing in class. It’s been clear there is a struggle to obtain muscular strength and balance verses articulation and skeletal strain. 
With a chuckle, I referenced the squat challenges that are so popular today and stated I would implement 100 Utkatasna Challenge. But what started as a joke now seems perfectly fit as a victory call for our teacher who was named The Lion. The ferocity of Utkatasana speaks volumes about the way he went after the transformation of this profound practice. So who’s in? 

Our classes will begin training in October for this very special event. Friday, December 14 at 6pm we can join together and complete our 101 Utkasana Tribute from wherever you are. At your regular studio, home, work the world is your practice ground. Please document your tribute and share it out for the rest of us to take inspiration from. 

Utkata means powerful, fierce, uneven. This asana is like sitting in a chair. 
1. Stand in Tadasana, stretch the arms straight over the head and join the palms.
2. Exhale, bend the knees and lower the trunk till the thighs are parallel the floor.
3. Do not stoop forward, but keep the chest as far back as possible and breathe normally. 
4. Stay in the pose for a few seconds, 30 being sufficient. It is difficult to balance in this pose.
5. Inhale, straighten the legs, lower the arms, come back to Tadasana and relax

This pose removes stiffness in the shoulders and corrects any minor deformities in the legs. The ankles become strong and the leg muscles develop evenly. The diaphragm is lifted up and this gives a gentle massage to the heart. The abdominal organs are toned, and the chest id fully developed by being fully expanded. It is a beneficial pose for horsemen. 

Light on Yoga by BKS Iyengar

Kara Thorsen