Welcome back to The Psoatic Complex

Fear is the only emotion that can immobilize, therefore mobilizing a resistance to balance.

Biologically the psoas complex has a reaction to fear by curling. When there is little or no recovery time the complex remains in a contorted position, infusing the body with mixed messages. It becomes clear then, to quote John Muir from Liz Koch's The Psoas Book, "When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached the rest of the world."


The neutralization of this region fortifies the body and mind for a progession of ingreity for our yoga practice.


And so our filmed home practice work continues with the exploration of the psoatic complex.


Inscription are open as of this day and the films will begin to be posted in our private group starting the 23rd of July.


Summer special of $125 

Your payment can be sent to kara@yogaequanimite.com

Kara Thorsen