The Sadhaka's Search with Renata Ventura

"As yama is a universal social practice, niyama evolves from individual practices necessary to build up the sadhaka´s own character."
LYS. BKS Iyengar

In this 4 day, Intensive Renata will bring our focus to the intention of our practice and the actions therein, creating a cleanliness of mind and body. 

Thursday and Friday the focus will be on preparation, opening the body, creating our principles and foundation.  

Saturday and Sunday using this cleansing principle together with self-study, fire, contentment and surrender our work will intensify with advanced asana.
We explore how to bring the state of sthira and suka in every cell of our body. 

Renata holds a Senior Intermediate II Iyengar Yoga certificate, give a Teacher Training Course in São Paulo, is the assessor of exams and coordinator of Teacher Training Committee of the Brazilian Iyengar Yoga Association (ABIY).
She recycles her studies annually with direct senior heirs of BKS Iyengar's teachings, specially Faeq and Corine Biria. Renata has visited Pune to study with the Iyengar family. 
She is a practitioner of Bhakti yoga and Ayurvedic therapist. Her manner of teaching is attentive and precise, leading her students to develop to the fullest of their potential with discernment and wisdom. She currently teaches and coordinates the Namaskara Yoga Studio in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I can not stress the gift we are receiving with Renata coming to North America to teach in such an intimate environment. 

Thursday 6-9pm 80$

Friday 6-9pm 80$

Saturday 1:30-5:30 pm ,Sunday 10-1pm- Lunch- 2:30-5:30pm- 210$

Package 370$



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