Conflict and Creation with Jessica Becker

April 8 Yoga Équanimité welcomes Jessica Becker of Rhinebeck NY. Jessica is a long time student of Manouso Manos the most senior Iyengar teacher in the world.  She has been teaching and practicing Iyengar Yoga for 20 years, and certified at the junior 3 level.

  Iyengar writes that asanas provide a “ battleground for conflict and creation”.  This interpretation will be the basis of her teaching, which draws almost entirely from her studies with Manouso.  Jessica’s teaching is clear and methodical; every action is counteracted with its opposite and it is these interactions that take us deeper into understanding the asanas and also ourselves.  

Manouso will be coming to Montreal in July, if you are planning to attend his weekend workshop this is a must to introduce his teaching. If you are not planning to attend then this workshop will also bring new light to the life we work with yoga. 






Kara Thorsen