Total Immersion Courses for Teachers

These courses are designed for teachers and practitioners alike to undergo a fuller study of the subject of yoga. Building confidence in our teaching takes time. Support systems dwindle after a teacher training, and this is often when the most questions arrive.

The goal of this course is to rebuild a support network for teachers to continue learning about themselves through their teaching and practice. So we may always keep yoga as a cherished human experience and transmitting it to the best of our ability.

Our groups are intimate with time for questions and answers with discussions on yoga philosophy and ethics in the yoga room.

Although these courses are designed as personal development workshops for trained teachers they are beneficial for practitioners of all levels to immerse themselves in the subject of yoga and see how a teacher is trained. 

Our topics will be divided over four weeks and the 4 dates are program.
In that time, we involve ourselves in learning professionalism and our requirements as yoga teachers.
Class organization with asana and variations.
Yoga Philosophy, how the sutras matter.
Ethics in the classroom including demonstrations for verbal and physical cueing. With practice teaching and sequencing.

Each week there will be homework to integrate our learnings into our teaching.

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The course is 16 hours divided over 4 days

September 23
September 30
October 7
October 14
Hours- 10am- 2pm


Kara Thorsen