December's Special Guests

Yoga équanimité is excited to bring featured teachers in for December to explore the possibilities of something new. For the practitioners here at Yoga équanimité we offer you an exploration cost of 15$ to attend a class:) 


Tuesday 5pm

ESSENTRICS®    A dynamic,    full body workout    suitable for    all fitness levels,    that    simultaneously combines stretching and    strengthening while engaging all 650    muscles. This class will increase flexibility and    mobility for    a healthy, toned    and pain-free body.


Fridays 4;30pm

Vin-Yin is a combination class of the best of Yang (Vinyasa Flow) to build strength and length, and Yin yoga for deep release of the body and mind. The class will start with a meditation to ground yourself and connect with your natural breath. We will warm up the body with an active Vinyasa Flow that will bring heat, strength, and awareness into your practice. We will explore different poses, for which various options will be offered according to your level and experience in yoga. The second part of the class will consist in finding stillness with a calming Yin Yoga practice. We will hold the poses longer, through which we will cultivate a stronger sense of awareness to settle into stretches. Joining Meditation, Vinyasa, and Yin is a complete practice that will leave your body rejuvenated. You will leave the studio with this feeling of balance and harmony within your body, mind and soul. All levels are welcome.


Marie Pier 

Fridays 6pm

introduction to the ashtanga primary series, for beginners to intermediates ashtanga students.It has 5 major aspects, the asana, the ujaya breath, the drishti, the bandas and very importantly the vinyasa, which consist of a movement in between each posture that has for purpose to balance the right and left side, to retain the heat in the body and to create a flow in the practice.



Tuesday 10 am

Feldenkrais for yoga. Taking care of your spine.

Discover how to prevent injuries and how to move at ease by finding a broader way of experiencing and deepening your yoga practice.

This class explores a series of non-habitual movement patterns to challenge the nervous system and help you renew ingrained postural habits.

We will break down the asanas and movements of the 3 regions= of the spine through a holistic practice that nurtures refined coordination and minimal physical effort. 



Kara Thorsen