Join Christine Guenette for a workshop on the Chakra Needs


"Join Christine Guenette for a workshop on the Chakra Needs.  

During this time together we shall move through an asana practice that connects with each of the Chakra Needs, then sit in discussion on our personal experiences of these Chakra Needs.

The Chakra Needs are a look at the Human Needs through the eyes of the Chakra system. The Human Needs include needs of our ego and needs of our spirit. Understanding this within ourselves and all beings allows to feel deeper compassion and acceptance. We all have these needs; they are what make us so beautifully human. To deny ourselves the fulfillment of the needs of our egos, hinders our ability to meet the needs of our spirit. We do not exist as fragmented parts, but instead as whole, and complex beings.

The Chakra Needs are:


  1. Muladhara: The need for Certainty, stability and security

  2. Svadisthana:The need for Variety, change and stimulation

  3. Manipura: The need for Significance, to feel special and worthy of attention

  4. Anahata: The need of Love and Connection, to love and be loved

  5. Vishuddha: The need to Grow and Expand

  6. Ajna: The need to Contribute, to give beyond ourselves

  7. Sahasrara: The need to feel a Connection to Divinity, within ourselves, and within all of creation"

Session is the 19 of November 10-1 pm 50$ early bird special 40$ until November 12

Please bring a journal and writing utensil

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Kara Thorsen