Yoga occurs when our inner work manifests in the world around us.- Michael Stone

What you will find at Yoga Équanimité is a committed, collaborative effort which uses various body and mind sciences to establish equanimity. 

To constitute out commitment to community we have monthly discovery sessions where we open the doors to all to come and experience what we offer. Should you decide to continue with sessions a 10% discount is observed for your first month. 

Check the Practice page for more information or contact us directly to safegard your place. 

You are most welcome to Discover each teacher one time. 

Yoga is the art and science of skill in action, bringing poise to the soul from which derives the possibility to look at all life with equanimity.

Yoga is union, binding, attaching, yoking and joining to direct the senses from outward to inward so that we may better understand ourselves and the measures we can therefore take to better the world we live in. 

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Kara Thorsen