Yoga is the cessation of movements in the consciousness
Yoga Sutra I. 2

As with any mountain, you cannot arrive at the top with out climbing, so it is with yoga.

Yoga is the art and science of skill in action, bringing poise to the soul from which derives the possibility to look at all life with equanimity.

Yoga is union, binding, attaching, yoking and joining to direct the senses from outward to inward so that we may better understand ourselves and the measures we can therefore take to better the world we live in. 



BKS Iyengar en pratique -BKS Iyengar in practice




Patanjali brought yoga to the world for serenity of mind, clarity of speech and purity of body. 

In the 8 limbs (Astanga) of yoga we can make life’s impossibilities possible.

     •  Yama, our commitments to our community and world

  • Niyama, our commitments to ourselves.

  • Asana, a physical practice to awaken, strengthen and use as capitol for harnessing the mind.

  • Pranayama links the physical discipline to the mental aspect of yoga through breath work.

  • Pratyahara is the withdrawal of the senses bringing the mind to focus on a single point

  • Dharana is concentration on this single point shedding light on what was once dark.

  • Dhyana, all the dullness of body and mind give way to the light of wisdoms greater than we. 

  • Samadhi when we come to our own true nature


Yoga is the union of the body, mind and soul.