Kara Thorsen


In 1992 Kara began working on the scoliosis that had developed in her teenage years. The scoliosis brought with it an opportunity to discover the inner workings of her body and their corresponding mental patterns. Kara twisted and turned to afford the contours of life. Revealing our defence then, to instability, would be to discover correct boundaries so that as forces come against us we don’t fall to them but instead meet them face to face. This is Kara’s nuance for Meet the Resistance. When we remain present for the acts of life we gain an insight to our moment of growth; equanimity. 

Since 2000 Kara has practiced exclusively the Iyengar method of yoga. In 2003 she moved to Montreal to immerse in both French and yoga. Kara now holds a JR I level teaching certification, and remains steadfast to her personal developmet as a practitioner and teacher. 

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“Kara is an excellent teacher who is always warm and welcoming. She is extremely knowledgeable in her practice which most certainly comes from her years of dedicated training. As a student in her class, you will learn to appreciate the fullness of the Iyengar yoga practice which is not just a feat of physical exertion, but indeed, a philosophy.”

— Debbie - Student

Kara has also traveled to France to study with Shri Faeq Biria. Her practical studies in France comprised long days of deepening her knowledge and awareness, not just of her own body, but also how to transmit that learning to others.

In 2008 Kara went to Vancouver to study with Geeta Iyengar, the eldest child of Shri BKS Iyengar. That intensive workshop proved to Kara that within yoga is every cure, and that it is a personal choice to heal or not to heal. In 2008 she also founded The Little Yoga Room in Montreal, an intimate yoga studio where she has taught her own students and also hosted other teachers for their own workshops.  

"Since groups are small in The Little Yoga Room, it feels very safe to practise, you know Kara’s eyes are on you in every move, so you can’t do positions wrong and get hurt, also you learn way faster then any other place, since she is correcting and encouraging you always when you needed it."

— Katri - Student

In 2011 Kara studied with Corine Biria in Montreal where she acquired a deeper knowledge of how to work with pain. That year she also studied with the Iyengar family in India for 5 weeks. 

Aside from weekly classes at The Little Yoga Room, Kara teaches personal development classes for teachers, to polish their shine. Kara also consults for studios who give teacher trainings. Kara teaches in both French and English.

Outside of Canada, Kara also teaches at The Schoharie Yoga Barn and The Yoga Loft.

Kara has contributed monthly articles for the online Alternative Health Magazine, in addition to seasonal essays, reviews and articles for the Iyengar Association Newsletter. She is avid about posting regular essays and videos on her website and Facebook page that detail her ongoing exploration of her yoga practice in both practical and personal terms.

Kara strongly believes that the embers of yoga burn deep, and that those embers need to be fanned, so that the flames can rise into the dullest parts of the body and mind to bring new light to the practioner, and to the world. Her studies, her practice, her studio, and her teachings all join to serve this belief. Her online journal "Why Not Suffer with a Smile" providing a record of her journey of discovery.