Kara Thorsen

Kara Thorsen

Catalyst for Transformation

Scoliosis brought the gift of curiosity to me about the inner workings of my body and the corresponding mental patterns. In my case correct boundaries in my youth had not been established, as a result improper defence mechanisms were installed. I spent years reprogramming my response to life and from this practice came Meet the Resistance. It has been my experience that when we remain present for the acts of life we gain an insight to our moment of growth and we are able to institute a state of equanimity. 

I am an Iyengar practitioner and teacher.

Marion Keller

Pilates Aficionado

Marion took an interest in health and well-being around the age of 20. Her initial training was in a course on Form, Health and Nutrition. Evolving on that base, Marion began taking Pilates classes. She fell in love with this incredible body science and decided to do a teacher training in order to serve others. After graduating Marion brought her skills to Yoga Équanimité with private and group sessions.