Airbnb Experience


The welcome mat is unrolled for our meet up at Yoga Équanimité at the specified time we choose together..

Our session opens with a Puja to inquire over the reasons you have come using the questionnaire created for this experience.

Next, we Meet the Resistance with an Asana practice developed for each individual of the group or personal experience.

This practice will consist of opening the body through various techniques creating a platform for receptivity addressing deep fatigue. After opening the body we will move inwards into the practice with asana developed for your specific needs increasing in rigor. The yoga session is closed with a deep relaxation and preliminary pranayama practice.

We follow with a discourse on the experience, developing on the original inquiries and what has come up during the practice over a bite to eat.

Please know that the times on the calendar can always be altered for your experience to fit your day. Simply ask me for another time and or day and we can find solutions to Meet the Resistance together.

George - New York - October 2018

“I found Kara to be a very experienced Iyengar yoga practitioner and teacher, and at times I felt my "Meet the Resistance" experience verge on information overload. (in a good way!) Now, having had a few days to process the experience, I am noticing bits of her teachings pop up in all areas of life. The asanas Kara demonstrated and then guided were very specific and gradually built on each other in intensity before ending in a very deep relaxation pose at the end. The interview before and the discussion after the practice created nice bookends for the experience, and reinforced some of the teachings, but for me time on the mat was where it’s at. Thank you Kara! We will be back!”