Meet la Tarot

Yoga is a conduit for me which I use to know myself and for which I use to guide others to recognize, come to know and love themselves. Tarot offers us another way in to discover what wealth we possess inside this mortal coil. 

The resounding questions of self worth, exploration and purpose seem to have instilled themselves as a part of our being human. We forget we are divine beings and have come to accept the feeling of being small and compromised by circumstances larger than we are. 

But to live the best life we can, to leave those we encounter better than we found them and to take the responsibility to do as little harm as we can decrees us as powerful, even sublime beings. 

Tarot are cards used for consulting these inquires to life. Woven into the 78 cards of the Tarot is spectrum of all potential human experience. 

Like yoga these cards offer an honest platform to address what vexes us, Tarot are a compassionate parlay that informs us where the fountainhead of change begins. 

What is Tarot

As stated above, the Tarot is a deck of cards which embody the human experience. 

They are divided into two ranges or levels. The Major Arcana which are the major league players a kin to our 8 limbs of yoga in search for the soul. They are the principal character’s. They represent the phases of life and spiritual growth. They can aleeve the smallness of becoming a victim of grander circumstances to an observatory or contemplative/ Dhyana, Dahrana state of “Okay, what do I need to do NOW?”

The Minor Arcana are then the minor league cards they equate to the commandments and codes of conduct within our first two limbs- Yama and Nyama. They reflect the everyday toils we may not be seeing with clarity or are too close to, to understand how to change or accept. They help us strategize our way out of our own way. To unify the greater purpose. 

What to expect in a reading/consultation? 

What I have learned from reading is that to have no expectations is the best way to engage. The cards will find you and make their message clear for you.

Like Yoga theTarot needs intimacy, as you touch them they will feel you, they will find your deeper self to speak to and the result, again, in my experience, has always been a release of distress and a rise to equanimity with which we can Meet the Resistance. 

The time frame of a reading varies, to the type yo have chosen. Again, it has been to my experience, the cards are not slow to get to a point. They divine with a rapid grace, then open the air for the discussion if wanted. You are under no obligation to divulge your question or thoughts but I am here to engage and help decipher if wanted. 

I may consult other books, I may not. Each read is personal and requires that differentiation. 

Block an hour of time but be ready to leave in 20 minutes if the cards have marked their efficiency in less. 

Be prepared to record your session in your way, a journal, recorder, video, however but document it so, you can refer to it. 

Types of readings

Individual consultation-

One person has a dialogue with the cards and I interpret the cards pulled. 


Group Readings-

1- A group of people have the conversation with the cards. I pull the cards others also may pull and together they create a combined story which I interpret. 

This type of reading I have used for the 

Opening/ Closing ceremonies at retreats/ events  to establish intentions and clear space as well as to see what changed. 


Another type of Group Reading

2- A couple (2) or people bound together, again pull from the same shuffle and the combined cards tell a story which I interpret. 


The final type of Group Reading-

3- A group of people get together to have individual consultations. In my experience groups should not exceed 6 as the cards become fatigued/impatient from energies and in order to be put to rest start giving more intensity/sharpness in their messages. 


Learning your Tarot

If you should want to begin reading your own cards I also provide sessions where we can get to know them better. Tips that helped me understand their significance through comparison, metaphor and analogy.  


It’s important to note that like Yoga the Tarot is not a mystery. Both Yoga and Tarot are spirited in wit but do not look to offend, frighten or belittle. Their role and ours is to learn from them, not to be riddled by them. They may have an alternate language about circumstances but they want to be clean and clear about their message and desire for you to reach your higher purpose or begin to resolve what struggles you are engaged in, knowingly or not. 

About the Tenebræ Tarot Deck

The Tenebræ Tarot deck is designed by John Mahoney a friend and fellow seeker on this journey of life. 

John is an artist that within his work God/Godess/Universe (your call, to me they are the same) is a visible and tangible entity present to comfort and awaken us through the rocks and rolls of life.

John’s own language is at the base of each card depicting its meaning or I would rather interpret as his love of each individual card and its necessity for us to hear. 

Each image was taken from Interview magazine which was created by Andy Worhal who, again, was a master of defiance in the role of complicity he shook the foundations of the art world in his day. He defied the word No and created concepts for Yes.

About me as your Interpreter

I refer to the yoga room as my room of interrogation. It’s where our secrets are revealed. It’s how I see what each person needs individually and as the group. Those secrets are unveiled first and foremost because it is a safe space for us to explore. We are together on this quest and the environment provided for us to embark is sacred. I can not stress enough that what I want to provide is the sanctuary that permits the deeper exploration into a human just being. The rest will then come as consequence.

I had always been intrigued by Tarot but never found a deck that suited me. Tarot seemed to have messages I could not find or lacked the patience to try. I had a friend who was a dynamo reader and I figured that it was her jam not mine and stayed with yoga. 

I was still in the rudimentary phase of the life- The first card of the Major Arcana is; The Fool, we just go, to who knows what ends. 

John Mahoney an old friend from NYC, my daughter’s God father and as many of you know, the designer of our shirts, leggings and graphics, visited us in Montreal with his own Tarot Deck.

John’s Tenebræ Tarot speaks the language I am most fluent in, Yoga, and even before I knew what was happening, brought to life a flicker of light that now is a flame I will protect to keep burning, for drawn to that flame is the oxygen we so sorely need to regain our divinity, dignity and hope. 

My approach to Tarot is much the same as my approach to Yoga and it’s abilities for analys, contemplation and redemption; Meet the Resistance. If you know me then you know the Get Kraken theory. If you do not, it’s in our reflections page. In short, one way or another we must find a way into ourselves to get back out of ourselves. Yoga and Tarot offer access to these abilities.

If you find you can’t live without this deck of Tarot after we meet, here is where you can purchase them- Link

Looking forward to meeting you


A word from John about me as a reader

“You have a wonderful ability to use Tarot as a window into another’s life journey. With compassion.

Your use of the tarot is very similar to your yoga practice: shine a bright, clear light on another’s life situation with a balance of curiosity, intuition, sharpness and compassion.

I feel you are getting to know the cards a little differently than I do— and better than I do! In your own way. And that’s what is making you into a good reader. I admire your courage, patience, and persistence on this road. Keep going!!”